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Auto Suspension Repair in Pineville, NC

Poor handling and uneven braking may be a sign of issues with your vehicle's suspension system. This essential system balances out your driving and ensures a turning radius and a smooth stop and start. Without an auto suspension repair when you need it your vehicle presents a hazard to your safety on the road. Periodic shock and strut replacement is recommended by the manufacturer, and delaying this replacement often causes massive damage to the rest of the vehicle. For more than 10 years, customers throughout the area have come to us for suspension replacement and repairs that get their cars back safely on the road.

Nothing goes better with experience and quality than affordability. Not only do we hire the best mechanics and use only the best parts, we do so at prices affordable on any budget. Best of all, we present an accurate estimate to you right upfront and no work begins until you agree to the cost. We never tack on extras you don’t need to upsell you after the fact. Our dedication to honest pricing is a cornerstone of our commitment to superior customer service, and a primary concern when it comes to the work we provide.

Suspension Service with Technological Support

The suspension system contains many interconnected parts, making effective diagnosis of the underlying issue a tricky business. Inexperienced mechanics often waste time tracking down the real issue, or even make an unnecessary repair based on an inaccurate diagnosis. Strut and shock replacement should be performed by professionals, who guarantees accurate diagnosis and money-saving labor.

Our team of 10 fully qualified mechanics has seen a wide range of suspension, shock, and strut issues in their 30 years of combined experience. Additionally, our investment in the latest diagnostics technology enables us to combine our experience with computer-assisted accuracy. All of our technicians are dedicated to ongoing training, and we hold certification through The National Association of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) for all areas of auto repair.

Quality work starts with quality parts. We carry all the shock and strut replacement parts you could possibly need at budget-friendly prices. When you short your car on quality parts, it doesn’t matter how good your mechanic is. The result is lower performance and a shorter lifespan. We are dedicated to not only providing the best possible service in replacing your shocks and struts, but also using the highest-grade materials and parts on the market. There are a lot of tiny components that go into forming these critical systems on your vehicle. Even the smallest part when weakened has the capacity to cause damage to the entire system.

We never overlook the little details when it comes to suspension replacement and repair. Both the mechanical services we provide and the parts we use are heavily scrutinized by our team of qualified professionals. Whether you are merely purchasing a single replacement part or coming to us for the full-service repairs you need to get back on the road, rest assured you are getting only the finest pieces of equipment on the market. We know how precious your vehicle is to you, making it especially important that it gets the care and high-end components it needs to keep driving for years to come.

Auto Suspension Repair in Pineville, NC

Suspension Replacement to Address Damage & Performance

When you suspect your car needs its suspension replaced, bring your vehicle in to us. Damaged shocks lead to poor handling or sluggish power steering, and out-of-alignment struts cause uneven wear on your tires. Fortunately, replacing struts is relatively inexpensive and keeping to the manufacturer-recommended schedule of replacement saves you on expenses down the road. In regular use, a vehicle will need replacement parts every 40,000 to 60,000 miles.

Replacing your suspension when necessary is about more than just the feel of the ride. A car is a finely tuned instrument, one that has the potential to cause damage and harm to you and others if not kept in alignment. Proper auto suspension repair ensures that the wheels on which your car rests are aligned in such a way as to protect you and your passengers, plus those on the road around you from the dangers of driving. The best way to mitigate risk while on the road is by seeking the aid of professionals in keeping everything in perfect tune on your car.

Depending on the age of your vehicle and the undamaged components of your suspension system, a full repair and tune-up is sometimes more cost-effective than a full suspension, shock, or strut replacement. Extracting the maximum lifetime value out of your car parts is our specialty, but we will never jeopardize your safety in a misguided attempt to save you money. We are ready to take a look at your suspension, so bring your vehicle in whenever you are experiencing any of the following issues:

  • Car "Bounces" Excessively
  • Vehicle Sways or Leans When Turning or Merging
  • Front of Car Points toward the Ground When Braking

Contact us today to get an honest, accurate quote on the price of your suspension repair. We proudly serve Pineville and Matthews in South Carolina, Fort Mill, Indian Land, and Rock Hill in North Carolina, and the surrounding area..